Avery is 5!



FIVE! Our first baby girl is FIVE! I’m just not sure where the past five years have gone, but we have enjoyed every single minute of life with our sweet Avery Marie. Five has got me feeling extra emotional, I think it’s because I know she will be headed to full day Kindergarten next year, which just doesn’t seem possible. I can’t imagine not having my little side kick around, I especially love our time together while her little sisters nap. Lately, we have been cuddling up and reading Ivy & Bean books together, it’s our first time reading a series and she is HOOKED! There are so many things that I love about this sweet girl, her love for her sisters, friends and family, the million facial expressions she gives and her silly sense of humor. She is kind, caring, beautiful, smart, determined, brave, I could go on and on, I just love her so much! In the spirit of her turning five, here are five facts about our big girl! 
  1. Girlfriend is a collector! She has two “treasure” drawers in her room and they are stuffed to the brim with all of her treasure. Treasures can range from hand me down jewelry from me, to Costco receipts, pens, band aides, stickers, the packaging her toys come in, etc. 
  2.  Avery LOVES to organize and she also loves her room. She will organize her stuffed animals, sock drawer, hair bows, closet bins, etc. She is always proud to tell people “I like to organize, just like my Mommy.” 
  3.  She has the best imagination! I love listening in to her while she is playing, she takes her LOL Dolls and Calico Critters on the best adventures, it’s the sweetest thing. 
  4.  Recently, she has been requesting to do chores and collects a quarter for each time she completes a chore. Her favorite chores are “babysitting” Isla, organizing our book bin and clearing the table after a meal. 
  5.  She FINALLY has an interest in learning her letters and their sounds, which for a former Reading Specialist, makes me SO happy! Her knowledge has exploded recently and she loves to write and draw during her rest time. 
Happy Birthday sweet girl, we can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for you, you make us so happy and proud! 

Ivy & Bean Books (Amazon) / Top (Gymboree) / Leggings (Gymboree) / Hair Bow (Amazon

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