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One of my favorite parts about being a Mom is cooking for my little ladies, I love to see what foods they love and how each of them have their own “tastes!” When it comes to little Isla, she is all about being independent! She loves to feed herself and I love using tools that help her successfully eat all the foods she loves. 
(Sponsored) This time around, our meal time essentials come from the Parent’s Choice brand at Walmart. The no-slip silicone sectioned plate fits perfectly on her high chair, or if she insists on sitting at the table in a big girl chair,  it works great on our dining room table too! Sectioned plates have always been a favorite of mine, I love that it helps me keep meal time simple- a protein, a fruit/veggie and a grain, done and done! The little silverware is the perfect size for toddler hands, Isla LOVES scooping up her yogurt or mac and cheese and I love that they are just the right size for her to feed herself. 
Now, when it comes to cups… we have tried them ALL! Parent’s Choice has cups for every single stage, ranging from bottles all the way to “big kid” cups. The 360 no spill cup teaches the girls how to drink without a sippy cup or straw and the best part is, they are spill proof!
Take a look at some of our other favorite feeding must-haves from Walmart and share some of your feeding must-haves with me!

Recyclable Material Stacking Plates: I love that some of our favorite brands are sold at Walmart, we try to buy as many recyclable items as possible and these plates have held up so well, wash after wash.
Silicone Sectioned Plate: As mentioned in my post, this no slip sectioned plate is my favorite, especially for littles new to self feeding. 
Stainless Steel Snack Cup: If you know us, you know that my girls love that snack life! This little snack up is always with me, filled with snacks in our diaper bag. 
Recyclable Material Stacking Bowls: I swear we could have 100 bowls and it still wouldn’t be enough! We love using these for snacks, fruit, yogurt and even for storing some of our favorite art materials while working on projects. 
Stainless Steel Double Handle: The double handle makes this cup a great first choice for our little ones, they can easily lift it up and start to learn how to drink from a big kid cup. 
Stainless Steel Sippy Top: When transitioning from a typical sippy cup, this is a great option, it still has the sippy top but no more handles. 
Stainless Steel Straw Cup: I actually go straight to a straw cup once my girl’s were done with bottles, each of my girls have three cups, one for school, one for by their beds and one they drink out of throughout the day! 
Stainless Steel 360 Cup: Isla LOVES this cup, it’s super easy to use and even my big girls love drinking out of a “Mama” cup. 
Toddler Silverware: I love how the handles are just the right size for toddlers, I have a ton of these sets and Isla uses them with every meal. 
Silicone Place Mat: This is a great gift to give a new Mama, perfect for throwing in your diaper bag to use while out and about at restaurants! 

Snack & Sip Cup (Walmart)

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