Master Bedroom Refresh: Healthy Sleep with Naturepedic



(Sponsored) Scott and I officially feel like grown-ups, we upgraded to a Naturepedic organic mattress and our sleep will never be the same. If you caught my Instagram stories, you might have seen that before our upgrade, we accepted hand me down mattresses and hadn’t given our master bedroom much attention since moving into our home FIVE years ago! 
Another thing you may know about our family is our desire to make our home as “clean” as possible and when we discovered Naturepedics organic mattresses, it was a match made in heaven. We were able to take a day date to their gallery in Lincoln Park and learned so much about the benefits of having an organic mattress. 
First of all, we never really gave much thought to how much time we spend sleeping and what potentially happens to our bodies as we are breathing in all the chemicals that make up our mattress. Which also made us ask ourselves, what exactly is in our mattress? Now we can rest assured knowing that we are now getting healthy sleep and our mattress is free from so many harsh chemicals like VOCs and aldehydes. You can learn more about the benefits of healthy sleeping here!

Another huge bonus of our Naturepedic mattress is the ability to completely customize BOTH sides of your mattress! Meaning Scott and I could have chosen a completely different combination based on our sleep preferences. We got to choose between two different coil systems and three different toppers. Your mattress arrives right at your front door and is SUPER easy to put together! The cover lays down first, followed by the coil systems and finally the topper of your choice, zip the cover around and you’re ready for sweet dreams. 

While this is a sponsored post in partnership with Naturepedic, all opinions are my own. 
We are so thankful for the opportunity to work with Naturepedic, one of the things we also loved about the company is how exactly they got started. The owners were expecting their first grandchild and when they went to purchase a crib mattress, discovered all the harmful chemicals found in typical crib mattresses. Their first product was actually their crib mattresses, which are still sold in their galleries and other stores nationwide too! You can learn more about all Naturepedic has to offer by visiting their website, they are also currently offering free shipping with the code SWEETDREAMS. If you want to know more about our mattress, please feel free to email me or leave a comment below! 
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