A Day at the Zoo



We had the very best time on Saturday at the Zoo. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and all of the animals were so active, it truly was one of our best Zoo trips to date! Some of the highlights included:

  • – Emmy pointing and grunting at EVERYTHING, from the animals, to garbage cans, to people walking by, girlfriend wanted to make sure we didn’t miss anything! 
  • – Avery was obsessed with looking for goose poop on the walking paths.
  • – Speaking of geese, there was a huge flock of them wandering around the picnic area, which naturally made me a nervous wreck. In fact, the next day Avery said, “Daddy, remember when Mommy was so scared of the geese at the zoo.” 
  • – Collectively, I think our favorite animals this trip were the Giraffes and the Gorillas, they were both just SO active! We got to watch the Gorilla’s eat their lunch and my favorite, the baby Gorilla just crawling all over the Mama. 

I think what made this visit extra fun was the fact that Emmy is just that much older, she was really able to walk around and notice the animals. I LOVE watching the girls take in moments like these, I can only imagine what it’s like through their eyes. 

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