3 Things: June 2017



Baby Doll Stroller (Pottery Barn Kids) / Plae Sneakers (Nordstrom)

Avery: 3.5 years old, going on 18

  1.  You had your very first dance recital last month and my goodness did you shine! It amazes me that you were not the least bit nervous or scared, you walked right out onto that dark stage and when the lights turned on you were all smiles performing your ballet number. You danced to The Lonely Goatherd from the Sound of Music, it was definitely a moment I’ve been anticipating since the day I found out you were a girl! 
  2.  Trolls… Trolls have invaded our home, you are absolutely obsessed with the movie! You adore Princess Poppy and have decided that when you grow up, you would like to be a Troll. I’m trying to convince you to settle on just dressing up as Princess Poppy for Halloween. 
  3. We recently moved around some furniture in you room and you have self designated a small drawer as your “treasure drawer.” A few items that I have found tucked away in your drawer include: my Costco membership card (no idea how you got your hands on that), receipts, jewelry, rocks, my make-up…  

Small Ball Doll Stroller (Pottery Band Kids) / Native Mary Janes (Nordstrom & Amazon)

Emerson: 17 Months, going on 16

  1. Girlfriend, you are LIVING the snack life! You truly never stop eating, the second you see someone in the kitchen you are right there next to them, grunting until they hand you a little piece of whatever they are prepping. 
  2. You LOVE to dance, every other morning you go in the drawer where you keep our speaker and request the Moana soundtrack. Your favorite dance move includes you spinning around ten times while clapping, we love to cheer you on! You also like to pull out the video camera when you do this and hand it to Daddy, I guess you want these signature moves documented. 
  3. You are SO active and the things you can do at 17 months really does blow our minds away, you can climb up the slide and go down completely by yourself, get up on the mini-trampoline and bounce away, throw a basketball into the hoop, we can’t help but think you will be a little athlete one day! 

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