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I always love following along with some of my favorite Instagram accounts when they post “A Day in the Life.” I think it’s so fun to see how my days are alike/different from other Mom’s, and ok, maybe I’m a bit nosy too. It also reminds me that we are all just doing the best we can in the hustle and bustle of Mom life!

Just this week, I set an hourly alarm and tried my best to document a typical Wednesday at our house, so follow along and take a peek at a Wednesday with the Snyder sisters.

5:51: Scott and I try (key word, try) to take turns waking up bright and early to head to the gym. Neither of us ever really want to get up, however, we do feel better when we get home. I like to use the Tone it Up app at the gym and squeeze in a few of their weight lifting routines, topped off with a little cardio.
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7:17: Back home for a cup of coffee (or two), mixed in a little Egg Nog from Traders Joe and headed upstairs to get ready for the day. I typically follow a five minute make-up routine, because if I had any more time then that, I’d sleep five more minutes!

8:12: Today happened to be Emmy’s last day of preschool before Winter Break, so we wrapped up her teachers gifts before going to school. This year I found the most perfect ornament (#snyderslovepizza) and finished it off with a gift card to Lou Malnati’s. As a former teacher, I can assure you, all we want is a night off of cooking!

Purple Boots (Target) / Christmas Dress (Target)
8:41: Lately the only way I can get my girls to sit still for me to do their hair is by nicknaming the different hair styles I have to offer, which isn’t very many. This morning, Avery opted for Panda ears and Emmy chose Kitty ears, whatever gets the job done and gets us out the door on time! Emmy is also in a phase where she prefers to wear a princess dress over her clothes, you do you girlfriend. 

10:03: Ahhh, one of my most cherished times of the week. I actually get about 40 minutes of uninterrupted ALONE time, insert all the praise hands! The girls are at two different buildings for preschool, so by the time I drop off both girls, Isla usually falls asleep the second we pull out of the parking lot. I really don’t have enough time to go home and transfer her into her crib before we would have to leave to pick up Emmy, so she takes a little car nap. While she naps I typically read a book, scroll through Instagram, listen to a podcast, drink hot coffee and enjoy the quiet!

11:34: Isla woke up and we picked Emmy up from preschool before heading to Target, our second home. On this particular day we needed to grab some supplies for Avery’s school holiday party and of course had to make a stop down the toy aisles.

12:44: As soon as we got home, it was time for some lunch before nap time, I should add-in that at this point I have gotten these girls in and out of the car what feels like one million times and I’m sure I’ve burned more calories then any morning trip to the gym! Emmy requested a little pizza from Trader Joe’s paired with an apple and peanut butter, Miss Isla enjoyed some chicken and noodles with a side of pouch. I know, riveting information 😉

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1:35: Next up, nap time! I always put Emmy down first because girlfriend can’t be trusted by herself if I were to put Isla down before her. Emmy’s nap time routine is: read four letter books and one regular book, sing our little prayer song two times, sing twinkle-twinkle little star twice, arrange blankets, sip of water and a kiss on the head, yea it’s extra, just like her! After Emmy is down, it’s Isla’s turn. She gets a bottle before this nap and usually falls asleep pretty quickly, on this day she needed a little more love, so I happily cuddled her a bit longer before she fell asleep.

2:26: Now comes the hardest decision of my day, while the girls are napping/having resting time do I sit down? Fold laundry? Clean a bathroom? Mop the floor? Do the dishes? Pick-up the family room? Eat lunch? Go to the bathroom alone? Make a few phone calls? Typically, if I didn’t get a little down time in the morning I try to sit and relax while I make a quick lunch, without fail the second I sit down Isla, Emmy, or Avery need something and I’m up on my feet again. On this particular day, I was extremely productive because I knew I would be gone later in the day. I should also note that Avery has lunch bunch after school and get’s home around 2:00, my Mom helped me out and picked her up, which is always SO helpful and appreciated!

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3:54: Recently, I have begun to structure Avery’s rest time a little different, girlfriend was spending a little too much time on the iPad! So, now she has a bin full of “rest time” activities and has to pick and complete three before she gets iPad time. This is really the only time of day she gets time on the iPad, but I would still prefer she found something quiet to play instead. Baby steps, but by introducing her rest time bin, it has cut her iPad time in half!

Scarf (Target

5:17: Scott got home around 5:00 and off I went for a little self-care time! A quick eyebrow wax appointment, followed by some last minute holiday errands, equals pure bliss. I NEVER get this much down time or alone time, so I was extra thankful for some time away. I absolutely love staying home with my girls, but it is super challenging to find time for myself and lately, my tank has been running pretty low!

7:40: Keeping on trend with my self-care type of day, I grabbed some appetizers and a drink with a new set of girlfriends and was on my way home at 9:30, I sure know how to live it up! As mentioned in my story post, I’m typically half asleep on the couch watching an episode of Real Housewives by 8:30, so this was quite a night for me.

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10:30: And finally, sweet, sweet, much needed sleep! My days with my girls goes by so very fast, I really wish I could have stuck around to document dinner/bedtime routine, because that’s when the real fun happens 😉 I’ll save those little gems for another day, thanks for following along and if you stuck around this long, I owe you a glass of wine or a Starbucks!

Follow along with more daily adventures at: @snyderfamilyco

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