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Living in Chicago, we can’t let St. Patrick’s go by without celebrating! As a stay at home Mom, I love celebrating all holidays, big or small, it just makes a normal week a little more exciting. The little ladies and I decided to pop-up some St. Patrick’s Day popcorn to enjoy and share with some friends too.

This is such a great recipe to make with your kiddos, there is a lot of sorting involved, which means a lot of different “jobs” your littles can help with and complete independently. You can talk about colors, counting, grouping, all sorts of things while making this delicious recipe. Have fun and most importantly, enjoy this tasty treat!


  • 2 Bags Microwave Popcorn (or 10- 11 c. fresh popped popcorn)
  • Green M&M’s (we used Mini, Pretzel and Regular) 
  • Rainbow & Leprechaun Marshmallows from Lucky Charms
  • Rainbow Sprinkles
  • Vanilla Bark 
  1. Pop popcorn, place on cookie sheet, forming on layer of popcorn, we used two cookie sheets. 
  2. Sort green M&M’s and Lucky Charms marshmallows. 
  3. Add candy and marshmallow mixture to the popcorn on the cookie sheet. 
  4. Melt vanilla bark, drizzle over popcorn/candy/marshmallow mixture. 
  5. Let cool, use a nonstick spatula to remove from cookie sheet and store in a BIG bowl! 
  6. Eat and ENJOY!

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