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Today I’m linking up with Shay and Erica and I’m introducing you to the people in our family, come meet The Snyder’s! 

Our Main Man: Scott

  1. Our “man of the house,” while Scott is extremely outnumbered around here, he does a great job being a “girl Dad,” whatever that means! He loves to jump in and play with his little ladies, whether that involves princesses, play doh, glitter or hide-and-seek, he’s such a great Dad and our little ladies love him SO much, almost as much as me. 
  2. He LOVES sports, especially Chicago based teams, I’m pretty sure he shed a tear or two when the Cubs won the World Series and fun fact, he was a vendor at Wrigley when he was in high school and a summer or so in college. 
  3. If you didn’t notice already, we live by the motto “Snyder’s LOVE pizza,” Scott has definitely brought out a true love of pizza around here, his little ladies will always request pizza if we order take-out and I just know this makes him really proud 😉
The Mama: Brittany
  1. It’s STILL hard for me to believe that I am the Mama to THREE girls, whenever I dreamed about having kids, I always pictured myself having at least one boy! In fact, every single time I was pregnant, I swore I was having a boy. While I’m sad I won’t get to experience that special Mother/Son bond, I surely love being the Mom to three of the sweet little ladies around. 
  2. Another shocking fact, I LOVE to celebrate holidays! This was definitely passed down to me from my own Mom, but I just love all things festive! I stick to the main holidays, I haven’t exactly started celebrating all the “National fill-in-the-blank” days you see on social media, but I wouldn’t put it past myself to start adding those to my calendar soon 😉 
  3. Before I became a full time stay at home Mom, I was a teacher and I loved it! I honestly have always loved school and I really love to learn in general. I am always trying to learn something new and while some hobbies may have fizzled (ie- the year I thought I would learn how to sew, ha), I really do enjoy the excitement of jumping in and learning something new! 

Tiny Girl Squad: Avery, Emerson and Isla 

Our First Born Little Lady: Avery Marie
  1. Our sweet Avery turned five in December and is SO ready to take on kindergarten next year, every time we drive by her future elementary school she makes sure to remind me she WILL be going there on the bus next year! My heart surely isn’t ready for that, but I know she is going to shine. 
  2. Avery LOVES art, she loves to draw, color, paint, or do “a project” as she likes to say. Last week she wrote her first book and it is the sweetest thing I ever did see! While her little sisters nap she loves to color with me and I love spending this quiet time with her, she is also my little errand buddy, she loves to come with me and I LOVE having her by my side. 
  3. She SO fits the typical “first born” mold, she is a leader (cough cough, likes to be in charge), is super organized (not sure where she gets that from, haha) and feels all the feels big and little! She has really come into her role as the biggest sister and her little sisters love her SO very much. A few weeks ago Emmy lost one of her “lovies” while out running errands and Avery didn’t even blink before offering up one of her “lovies” to make Emmy feel better, she has so much empathy and we are so proud of her for how much she loves her family and friends. 

Our Middle Little Lady: Emerson Elizabeth

  1. Little miss Emerson turned three in January and this little lady makes us laugh every. single. day. Her silly personality is what keeps our family on our toes and we just LOVE that about her! She’s always making silly faces, or saying random silly phrases, in fact, we aren’t really sure where she learned her newest phrase “karma baby,” I mean really, I don’t think Peppa Pig can be quoted saying that!? 
  2. She is such a nurturing little lady and will pick to play “family” or with her baby dolls ALL the time! She has always been super independent and has an amazing imagination, we all love listening/watching her be a “Mommy” to her babies, they usually have to go to sleep, wake up, eat dinner (always dinner, never breakfast or lunch) and take a trip to the park, her little voice is just the sweetest thing ever! 
  3. She is definitely in that super special toddler phase where we can go from feeling really happy to really sad… and could currently live off of cheddar string cheese and Isla’s yogurt melts. Ahhh the toddler stage, it’s such a humbling time for a parent 😉 

Our Littlest Lady: Isla Rose

  1. Our littlest little lady Isla Rose just turned ONE in February and it still makes my Mama heart sad to think that my baby is ONE! But, the best part of her having two older sisters is knowing that there is SO much fun and joy to come in the next stages and phases of her sweet little life! 
  2. Girlfriend is BUSY! She started walking at 11 months and hasn’t stopped walking since then and not just walking, RUNNING, especially if she spots her sisters sneaking in the pantry for a snack 😉 
  3. Her little personality continues to develop and change everyday, she is such a smart little lady and sometimes gets super frustrated when she wants something but clearly doesn’t have the language yet to tell us, we like to say “Isla’s SO mad,” because the poor thing really does get “so mad.” She wants to keep up with those big sisters so badly, she is super independent just like Emmy and LOVES to dance and smile, just like Avery!

Photos taken by the talented Emily Hernandez Photography 
I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about this crazy little family of ours! Our life sure isn’t perfect, but it’s definitely sweet and we are so grateful for all of life’s blessings. If you want to see more of our daily adventures, come follow our family on Instagram!
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