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Hey Mama’s! Let’s chat hair products, which actually makes me giggle to even type this because I am the furthest thing possible from a hair “expert,” in fact, if you watched me dry my hair I would lose all hair credibility… but, I do want to share some hair products that I keep coming back to! 
My hair texture is a bit unique, I have a lot of “fine” hair, which also happens to be naturally curly/wavy and at times can get pretty dry. Within the past year, I rarely wear my hair curly and rely on dry shampoo and hair spray for day 2 and sometimes even day 3 hair. With that being said, I am not one of those blessed ladies who can wear her hair down for day 2 and 3… when I wake up my hair is such a hot mess and the amount of time, energy and heat that I would have to put into styling it to wear it down would be a waste. of. time. 

I also experienced insane post-partum hair loss this time around with Isla and as it’s all growing back, I have the craziest baby hairs and fly aways, needless to say, I’m really looking forward to six-ish months from now when it’s grown-in a bit more! 
I wash my hair every other day, or every third day and my all time favorite shampoo and conditioner combo is the Invisible Oil line by Bumble and Bumble. If you have fine hair that can sometimes get dry, this shampoo/conditioner combo is perfect for you! It is super hydrating without weighing my hair down, even when I wear it curly, this combo doesn’t weigh down my curls. Second runner up would be any Davines products, I especially love the Momo/Nou Nou lines, but have tried many different combos and love them all! 

Every few weeks I also try to mask my hair and have found two that work really well with my hair texture, one by Eufora and the other again, by Davines. On days that I dry my hair, I use a combo of Eufora Keratine spray, Kevin Murphy Body Mass, and/or either the Davines Melu heat protector spray or Davines Relaxing Moisturizer Fluid. To finish off my look I am a loyal Redken Control Addict 28 hair spray, I need a strong hold for my hair, especially if it’s humid outside! This spray holds my styles without feeling like I have a hair spray helmet. I am also a BIG fan of Living Proof Dry Volume Blast, in fact, I love this product even more then their dry shampoo. It gives so much volume and texture to my hair when I wear it down and curled, or styled up in a bun or pony tail for day 2 or 3. 

Now, for the most loved hair product in my bathroom… dry shampoo! I have been grabbing the travel sized version of a bunch of popular, well recommended dry shampoos over the past few months and definitely have a few new favorites. I have always loved the Aveda Dry Shampure, which is a powder. Lucky for me, as a blonde I don’t have an issue with powder dry shampoos leaving a noticeable residue in my hair. However, I also really loved the Living Proof Dry Shampoo and the Dry Bar dry shampoo, which are both in an aerosol form. The Dry Bar dry shampoo is pretty fragrant which bothered me at first, however, not enough to not want to use the product again! 

This past winter I formed a new love for cute hair ties, scrunchies and baseball hats. I feel like they really jazz up day 2 or 3 hair, masking the fact, that you in fact, have DURTY hair! 

So, there you have it Mama’s a few of my favorite beauty products and tips from someone who needs ALL the help they can get when it comes to styling their hair! I’m scared to think of what my hair would actually look like without any of my hair product MVP’s, now excuse me, I’m off to go spray another layer of dry shampoo in my hair to take on the day!

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