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Happy belated Easter friends! We had such a wonderful Easter that I couldn’t miss a chance to recap such a great day. Today I’m sharing ten of my favorites photos from Easter, along with a few details about how we spent our holiday. 
(1): The little ladies were up bright and early, ready to find their baskets! Emmy and Isla were the first to wake at 6:00 (thankful for coffee), which meant we had to wake up Avery. At our house, the Easter bunny hides eggs all around the house, as well as the girls baskets too. 

(2) If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my story on how I last minute picked-up some “Poopsie” (make your own unicorn poop) toys for the girls baskets… and I have to say, it was their favorite little treat! Avery was laughing so hard that the bunny brought a toy that Mama always said looks disgusting 😉 

(3): Emmy LOVED running around the house looking for the eggs the bunny hid, inside the eggs were Hershey Kisses or Air Heads, the girls said the bunny did a great job at picking their favorite candy treats!

(4) Isla’s favorite Easter goodie was her egg carton toy, I knew she would love this one and her sisters love playing with it too! She is at such a fun age, it’s so crazy to think last year she was only a few months old. This year she was running around the house trying her best to keep up with her big sisters. 

(5) Even Daddy got to get in on the “Poopsie” fun, I will say I was somewhat impressed with this toy. It came with everything you needed to make slime, including a scent, special effect (glitter) and even a little poop emoji key chain to store your slime in, how special, ha! 
(6) All Mama wanted was ONE photo of our three little ladies on Easter, the first photo was our attempt before church, can you tell Isla is reaching for a yogurt melt bribe 😉 

(7) Little Miss Emerson declared that she “preferred” to have her photo taken on the ugly carpeted stairs and she sure did give a happy smile!

(8) I LOVE setting the table for special occasions! I used our wedding china and crystal, mixed with goodies from the Target dollar section- all about mixing the high with the low. White and yellow tulips from Trader Joe’s made the perfect spring touch!

(9) After church we hosted a lunch at our house, I’m SO lucky that our family always delegates who can bring what, so the prep is pretty minimal when it comes to food. It’s kind of funny too, at this point each person has what they are “known” for/assigned to! My Mom makes the BEST cheese boards, look at how yummy the Easter ones turned out. I made two recipes from the Magnolia cookbook, the mac n cheese and brussel sprouts and they did not disappoint! Both recipes were also super easy to make and didn’t require any strange ingredients, which is always a win in my kitchen!

(10) And to wrap-up my Easter re-cap, our family photo! Out of the twenty that my Dad snapped for us, I was SO happy to get at least one where we were all looking in the general direction of the camera. But, the second photo is much more accurate… I sure do love this season of life with my sweet little family!

I hope you enjoyed spending Easter with your family, we were also blessed with a warm and sunny day here in the Chicago suburbs! The girls were able to play outside ALL day, in fact those pretty white dresses were a nice shade of DIRT by the end of the day and it actually made my heart happy. I’m so thankful that Spring is here and Easter was the perfect way to kick-off a wonderful Spring! 
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