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Welcome to another room in our home, the heart of the home… our kitchen! It doesn’t matter that the kitchen is the smallest room in our house, during a party, everyone ends up in this little space. While it may be a small space, it’s a mighty space, we spend a lot of our time in here, cooking up breakfast, lunch, dinner and countless snacks! While I have always dreamed of having a kitchen with a big old island, our kitchen serves our family well and I am very thankful for all the memories made in this space.

With that being said, it’s finally time to add a little extra character to the kitchen and we can’t wait! First things first, those horrible light fixtures HAVE to go! While they resemble a part of the female anatomy… ahem, they also give a horrible, yellow toned light and we can’t wait to add a ton of canned lighting to brighten up this space.

Wish List: We would love to eventually swap out our appliances for stainless steel AND the biggest fridge humanly possible for that little space.

Wish List: See that BLACK rope detail on the top of our cabinets… yea, I would REALLY love to figure out a way to remove that… like yesterday. 
Wish List: We are SUPER saving to re-do our entire first floor floors, new hardwood floors throughout the first level is something we are really looking forward to replacing! 

Next-up, we’re adding some floating shelves to replace the cabinet to the right of the window. I’m hoping the exposed shelves will let a lot more of the natural light to filter in from the window and I’m super excited to style the shelves too. In addition to the shelves, we are also adding a backsplash. We are still trying to decide what style of backsplash to add, as well as, having it stop under the first shelf or travel up the wall to under the third shelf. We are also installing two wall sconces above the shelves, just again, trying to decide what style of lights we want to go with. 

With all of these questions swirling around in our heads, I knew we needed to reach out to Taylor of Crisp Interiors again. We decided to combine a few design dilemmas for this space and it’s so nice to have an extremely talented designer give us guidance for this project, we can’t wait to see what she designs!

(Side note: Our contractor will also be installing the shiplap wall in the living room that Crisp Interiors designed for us during our last design dilemma, you can read that post here!)

Wish List: A beautiful rug runner for in the kitchen, I still can’t decide if it would make this space feel smaller, but I would love to add a little bit of color with an antique style rug. 

We are so excited to give our kitchen a little refresh, I know so many of you are in the same boat that we are, you move into a house, have a LONG list of things you would LOVE to do, but have to save up for each project little by little. Now, while it can be super hard when you have a vision, but have to have some patience, while saving up to see that vision come to life… it really is all worth it in the end.

We have slowly made our house into what we have “dreamed” it could be, year by year, we tackle a few projects at a time and we always feel so proud that we checked another project off the list once it’s complete. I love looking back at photos of our house when it was listed for sale, it’s amazing to see how we have put our own touch on a home that we love so much!

I’m excited to share more updates of this space, I’ll be sure to share Taylor’s designs and of course, the final project! In the meantime, I’ll be sharing day to day updates on Instagram, so make sure you are following along with us here: @snyderfamilyco.

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