This Is: A Day in the Life April 2019



I love capturing a random day in our life, I can’t wait to look back on posts just like this one to remember how we spent our days in this CRAZY season of life with three amazing little ladies under the age of FIVE! Here’s a peek into a “normal” Wednesday in our home: 
6:00 am: Isla has been our little alarm clock lately, waking us up as early as 5:30, just smiling, happy and ready to start her day! (Thank goodness for coffee). 
Tip: I fill-up our diffuser at night, that way in the morning I can turn it on right away and start our day out with a little extra oil magic!
7:00: Time for Breakfast! On this particular day my little ladies all had a similar breakfast: Trader Joe’s pancake bread, strawberries and organic vanilla greek yogurt. Scott and I typically have eggs with salsa, peanut butter toast or oatmeal!
8:00: Bellies fed, Mama’s quick 5 minute make-up routine, bed’s made, little ladies outfits selected, time to get everyone dressed, hair brushed, teeth brushed and out the door to preschool, this hour always feels like a sprint!
9:00/10:00: The big girls are at preschool and little Isla and I were able to run a quick errand before she took a little cat nap in the car. 
11:00: Emerson gets out of preschool before Avery, so we killed some time at one of our favorite parks! It’s so fun to see all the things Isla and Emerson are able to do at the park this year that they weren’t able to do last year. One thing that really surprises us is that Isla HATES the swing, that’s a first for us!
12:00: Avery’s all done at preschool and it’s time for lunch! My girls LOVE ground turkey tacos, we eat them at least once a week, I always try to throw in a veggie and dairy, along with their vitamin gummies as their “treat!” On this day, Avery decided she wanted cauliflower mac n’ cheese instead! 
1:00/2:00: Our BIG girl is headed to Kindergarten next year and I got to spend some special time with her, first we headed to her Kindergarten screening, followed by a treat at Starbucks and a few errands! She is seriously the BEST errand buddy, whenever she’s not with me I miss having her along, five is just such a fun age!
4:00: If you’re a stay at home Mom… you know how crazy that last hour before Daddy walks in the door can be! We typically turn up some music and dance our way through the 4:00 hour, thankfully the weather is warming up and we can head outside and play until he gets home!
5:00: A quick dinner for all of us and I was off to take Avery to her soccer pictures! She is LOVING soccer, it’s so fun to watch her experience a new activity. 
6:00: After bath the girls like to cuddle up on a couch for a little “wind-down,” we usually watch a quick episode of Beat Bugs before heading up for bed!
7:00: Our little ladies are typically in bed between 7:30-8:00, we brush teeth, read a few books, pray and give goodnight kisses! Or if you’re Emmy, mix in 100 different stalling tactics before that final kiss goodnight 😉 
9:00: FINALLY time to sit down and relax, Scott and I are turning into such an old married couple, we like to make a cup of tea and catch-up on some of our shows. We are desperate for a new show, hence here we are watching Gold Rush again… 
10:00: Finally time for lights OUT- side note: this is the BEST diffuser, it diffuses ALL night, we love it! 
Thanks for following along with our day, I’m pretty proud of myself for remembering to snap a photo each hour, today was a good day to capture! I love this little family of ours, simple days like today just FILL me up, I love them SO much. 
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