Essential Oils: My Why



I started using essential oils almost three years ago when I knew I needed some sleep support. At the time, I was working full-time, was completely exhausted and was trying to navigate being a mother, wife, friend, daughter, etc and I was having such a hard time falling asleep at night! I was constantly thinking about events throughout my day, my never ending to-do list and most of all, how much I wished I could be at home full-time with our girls! I found myself SO beyond tired, both mentally and physically, yet when my head finally hit my pillow, I couldn’t turn my brain off! I also had a horrible habit of grinding my teeth in my sleep and would wake up with horrible headaches, bottom-line, I knew I needed to try something to help!

At the time, I remember watching a favorite blogger of mine, Jessica Garvin, talk about how she put two drops of lavender on her wrists and diffused a blend of oils right by her bedside to help support good sleep. I figured I had nothing to lose and chatted about oils with a girlfriend of mine at work who I also knew used oils. I bought my first bottle of lavender, a diffuser off on Amazon and the rest is history! In fact, to this day lavender is my very favorite oil, probably because it was the one that made me realize the benefits of good quality essential oils. 
Fast forward three years, my oil routine stayed pretty consistent, like, no more burning candles (I literally threw them ALL away) and resorted to diffusing some of my favorite blends instead. However, after the birth of our third daughter and my transition to becoming a stay at home Mom, I knew I wanted to start taking additional steps in our over-all wellness and was totally inspired by another one of my favorite bloggers, Erica Patten,  to switch out ONE of our “not so clean” products found in our home each month. Suddenly, what felt like an overwhelming task was simplified and a new journey to wellness started in our home!

What started off as a simple task, has launched me into a passionate mission to make our home cleaner and safer, for not only myself and my husband, but for our three beautiful daughters! With this mission, came a renewed obsession with essential oils and a new business venture as well. Each month we continue to replace products in our home and our love of oils have overflowed to our family and friends, as I’m ALWAYS finding ways to gift people some of our favorite Young Living products, roller blends and DIY oil hacks. 
I am so excited to continue our wellness journey as a family, researching and learning more about the chemicals that are in products we were using every. single. day. in our home has been such an eye opening experience and I can’t even begin to explain how passionate I am to help other families, just like yours, start on their own journey to wellness too! 
If you have been thinking about how you could start to incorporate oils into your daily routine, I would LOVE to chat about some of the first steps I took in my own journey! If your interested in grabbing a Young Living starter kit, you can read more about that here: Essential Oils
My BIG “why” Avery (5), Emerson (3) and Isla (now 1)
I’m SO excited to bring some new content to the blog around this topic and I hope you start to fall in love with Young Living oils, just as much as our family has! 
If you’re curious to see how I’ve started to share some of our favorite diffuser blends, DIY hacks and just everyday “oily” life, come visit me on Instagram at my NEW oil account @snydercoessentials or @snyderfamilyco and check-out my “essential oil” highlight!

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