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Tis’ the season for all things organizing and as a lover of all things organizing, it’s my favorite time of year! There is something about the first month of the year, it truly feels like a fresh start and the perfect opportunity to implement some new systems in our home. I also feel that as the little ladies continue to grow, we need to tweak how we do a few things around here! From the way we organize their toys, to how we organize their snacks, it’s time to make a few changes and I can’t wait to share along the way!

To begin- here are some of my favorite storage options, throughout the month I will be sharing different spaces in our home and what/how I organize them. If you’re following along, you will see ALL of these items used throughout our home.

Pink Storage Bin// These are a somewhat new find for me, they are the perfect size to store larger toy items- we have one for Lego Duplos, one for puzzles and one for Magnatiles. The latch top is easy for the girls to get on and off and having a larger bin allows for the girls to easily fit and put away their toys. 
Medium Size Tray Tote// Another new find this year- these are GOLD! The top is a sectioned tray that comes in and out, leaving a ton of storage space under. I plan on using these for the girls hair styling supplies, coloring supplies & for my “invitation to play” boxes (I’ll blog about that soon!). 
Basket Weave Bin// These are one of my favorites, they fit perfectly in our pantry. I store apple sauce pouches, yogurt pouches, granola bars, etc. in them for the girls. 
Shoebox Bin// I have been organizing with these specific bins for the LONGEST time, they are under $1, stack nicely and are a great size. I can usually stack at least two on a standard size shelf, or I stack up to three in our linen closets. The white lids are nice and crips and I typically add a label to the front. 
Sectioned Bin// The girls have SO many little treasures, I’m starting a new system this year using these bins. We have two larger bins that store all of the girls tiny toys, I’m planning on keeping those two bins in the basement and will have the girls fill-up the sectioned bins to keep upstairs. When they get tired of the items inside, we can take a trip to the basement to exchange items!
Cub Storage// (Woven Cube) (Fabric Cube) I LOVE storage bins just like these two options for the top shelf of closets and obviously in cube shelves, like the one pictured below. It’s a great way to keep that pesky top shelf of your closet organized! 
Woven Basket// I keep two of these in our laundry room/over-flow pantry, they store bags of snacks, back-up snacks and Costco sized bags of tortilla chips & pretzels… because #snacklife. 
Woven Circle Basket// I use these little baskets for SO many things, right now I’m using them by the girl’s bedsides for our night time routine supplies- lotion, oil rollers, band-aids (because why do we always need a band-aid at bedtime) etc. They also make great & functional Easter/holiday baskets and are a great alternative to gift bags!
Cube Storage Shelf// I have one of these shelves in all three of the girl’s closets and in the basement for toy storage. There is SO much empty space in a closet from the hanging rack down, this is a great way to keep things sorted and organized. 
Large Woven Basket// Baskets are LIFE over here- I have multiple baskets around the house that store: in winter months, hats, gloves and scarves, toys, blankets, books, stuffed animals, all the large bulky items that you want hidden and stored away!

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