Master Bedroom Refresh: Closet Organization with Wayfair



When we first moved into our house, the Master bedroom was low on our priority list of rooms to decorate. We had some hodge podge furniture that we moved from our condo and swapped our bedding to make it feel fresh, but other then that, it hasn’t gotten much attention since!

Little by little, we are planning on totally updating this space. I of course have big plans for a trim accent wall and maybe even a fresh coat of paint, but at the very least we are upgrading our bed to a KING size and are adding more shelving in our closet.

To be totally honest, I really don’t own a TON of clothes and I prefer to keep most of my clothes folded in dressers. This frees up a ton of space in our closet to swap our hanging type storage to shelves instead. I prefer to keep things folded and tucked away in bins and by adding some extra shelving to our closet, this will allow everything to look crisp, clean and organized. I plan on adding more bins, swapping out old bins to all coordinate and will even add in some wicker baskets to store other odds and ends. Take a peek at some of the items I have my eye on from Wayfair:

I’ll continue to share updates of this space, you know I love a good organization project and the “after” of this one is going to be GOOD! You can also see some of my inspiration photos on my Master Bedroom pin board, what are the chances Scott will agree to adding some wallpaper and maybe even a fancy light fixture to our closet? A girl can dream. right!?

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