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Holiday themed books are one of my favorite ways to celebrate each holiday and also double as the cutest shelf decor! My girls have always LOVED books and I chalk that up to have baskets of books ALL over our house, in the car, in their rooms, always in my diaper bag- they are always within an arms reach and the girls love cuddling up to read! 

I grew up READING all the time, if there was a long wait at a restaurant, my brother and I always had a book with us to read. I saw my Mom reading ALL the time and am honestly so thankful for the love of books my parents instilled in me. I hope that my girls will continue to grow in their love of books and become little book worms just like there Mama! Below is a list of some of our favorite Halloween books this season, a book for every age- enjoy! 
Gustavo the Shy Ghost: The most beautiful and vibrant illustrations- all about a ghost who is a little too shy to make friends. Some great social lessons woven into this one for your little readers.
Oscar Seeks a Friend: Another sweet book about a skeleton who dearly wants a friend- loved the illustrations in this book too and was Emmy’s favorite this year. 
Vampirina Ballerina: A Halloween MUST have- the girls love watching Vampirinia on TV and it’s always fun to read and re-read the original story. Again, we love the illustrations! 
How to Make Friends with a Ghost: This is Mama’s favorite Halloween book this year, I just loved the format, text features and can you tell I’m a sucker for pretty illustrations? LOVED how the illustrator used a simple color palette throughout this book and it was written in such a clever way, the big girls loved this one too. 
Skeleton Hiccups: Such a FUN book- loved so many of the text features and the way the author wrote this text. A very cute and clever story about how a skeleton can get rid of his hiccups, this one had the girls laughing. 
Bonaparte is Falling Apart: I know this is a favorite for many and a new one for us this year! My girls loved it- all about a skeleton who was falling apart with each activity he did. The girls thought it was super silly and loved the illustrations. 
One Black Cat: Our favorite board book of the season- a super cute, short story perfect for your littlest readers and looks just darling on a bookshelf. 
No Such Thing (Preorder HERE): Currently the worlds most expensive Halloween book- but good news, it’s available for preorder next year! This story is the CUTEST, Isla’s favorite and gets my ultimate favorite illustration awards. This story is all about a little girl who does NOT believe in ghosts, however little ghosts are hidden throughout the story which my girls LOVED looking for!
Where’s the Witch?: We LOVE the felt lift-the-flap books, what genius invented these!? The bright vibrant colors also make this a favorite for young readers. 
Kitty and the Moonlight Rescue: Avery’s first holiday chapter book and it is a darling story- I was so happy to learn this is part of a series. I’m hoping to get Avery more for the holidays, the main character is a fun little lady who loves to go on adventures, great illustrations and kept Avery begging for “one more page.” 
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