Learning at Home: Making a Cozy Learning Space



 Hanger & Disco Ball / Table (Similar)  / Chairs (Similar) / Avery’s Dress (Here)
When I decided to step away from teaching to become a full time stay at home Mom, I never imagined I would be returning to the classroom… in my basement, teaching my own children, but 2020 seems to have a lot of tricks up it’s sleeve and class is officially in session. 
Last Spring when Avery was home for distance learning we had school supplies ALL over the house and to be perfectly honest, it drove me a bit crazy. I anticipate the girls learning all over the house, but I knew I needed a designated spot for our school supplies AND a spot for Avery to learn where her sisters could also be engaged and playing. 

Plus, with Chicago winters being LONG and chilly- I know this space will be a perfect, cozy spot for us to learn together throughout the school year. And BONUS, whenever things go back to normal, the girls will have a really fun space to color, paint, create or even play school, which I loved doing when I was their age!  
Over the summer, I was thinking ahead and when I saw Target was having a sale on their simple white bookcases, I scooped up two. They aren’t super deep, but the pink bins that I found for a STEAL at Walmart fit just right and hold a ton of our supplies. I’m planning on making some pretty labels using my Cricut, but for now everything is organized by subject area and the organization is making me very happy!
Hanging File Holder / Book Baskets / Book Shelves (Similar) / Name Tags / Workbooks ( Avery 1 & 2 + Emmy 1 & 2)

The girls really enjoy doing a few pages from the cutest workbooks ever (one of my favorite Amazon finds) and their Chalk Design By Me tags were the perfect touch to our hanging file folders. I also knew I had to grab some of my favorite IKEA book shelves to display some of our favorite books. I’m planning on adding some holiday flair to our shelves throughout the year and plan on visiting the library to help fill up the shelves! 

I’ll be sharing more of our day to day learning over on my Instagram, @snyderfamilyco and will be sure to post activity ideas over here too! 

And finally… remember, every single family is different! Whether you decided to full-time homeschool, a hybrid of distance learning and homeschooling, full distance learning, full in person, etc. there is NO one size fits all. I hope that your Mama hearts feel secure, knowing that only YOU know what is best for your sweet kids. Wishing you all the best of luck on this new adventure, cheers Mama’s, we’ve got this!

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