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Our sweet little Isla turned 10 months this month and girlfriend LOVES to eat! As you can see from the photos, she is o-v-e-r being spoon fed and prefers you just hand the pouch right to her. It’s so funny, I really don’t remember my big girls doing the pouch by themselves until they were much older! To be honest, she is kind of over purees in general, but it gives me good sense of peace that she’s eating some fruit and veggies. What she is really loving lately is finger foods! Here is what she typically eats for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Breakfast Ideas: Mini- pancake with strawberries, Better Oats oatmeal with fruit puree or a Trader Joe’s cereal bars with banana.

Lunch/Dinner Ideas: Trader Joe’s turkey meatballs w/marinara sauce and noodles, turkey lunch meat w/a pouch puree, Gerber Pick-ups are a new favorite and SO easy, she really likes the chicken with noodles and veggies. A girl after our own heart… her favorite meal is currently ground turkey taco meat w/avocado and shredded cheese, taco Tuesday forever!

It’s so fun experimenting with new foods and seeing what she likes/dislikes, I should also mention that most importantly, she recently tried pizza, which she loved… she’s officially a pizza loving Snyder!
Highchair (IKEA) / Pajamas (Carters) / Cup (Zoli) / Cute Baby (Scott/Brittany) 

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