Friday Favorites: Emerson is THREE!



Our little Emerson is THREE! Three years sure have gone by fast and as you can see from these photos, this little girl brings joy, laughter and so many smiles into our home. Here are three things I always want to remember about Emmy at this age:

1- Emerson loves baby dolls, playing house and using her imagination. She has so many dolls and will always pick one of the miniature babies at Target when I let her pick a treat. She cares for them in such a sweet and sensitive way, I love “spying” on her and listening to her talk to them. She calls each one “sweetie” and talks in this adorable high pitched voice, “Sweetie, it time for bed now sweetie.” She mimics everything I do with Isla, she likes to change their diapers (always stinky ones), feed them a bottle, feed them Puffs in their highchair, takes them on “trips” to the park, she really is the best little Mommy!

2- We are princess obsessed over here! Rapunzel, Belle, Ariel, Tiana, Snow White, Anna… she loves them all! She begs to wear a princess costume every single day and most days I just go with it! She has gone through phases with each princess, currently it’s Anna and is happy to wear the costume right over her regular clothes. If she’s not playing with her baby dolls, it’s all about her princess figurines. She lines them all up, has them go to each other’s birthday parties, it’s just so fun watching her play! We go to Disney again in May and she is going to be in princess heaven!

3- She is all about me, Mommy! I have to do everything for this little love bug. “Mommy uppy,” “Mommy do it,” “Mommy put me to bed,” “Mommy get me water,” “Mommy cuddle me.” She definitely makes Mommy feel very loved, I loving refer to her as Mommy’s shadow or Mommy’s little stalker, ha! Even though she loves her Mama, she still is such an independent little lady, ever since she could crawl, she was happy crawling off on her own, exploring whatever caught her attention. And even as she has gotten older, if Avery or a big group of neighborhood kids are playing something she isn’t interested in, she is totally content doing her own thing, I just love and admire this about her!

This was a big year for Emerson, she became a big sister, started preschool and was a flower girl in her Aunt’s wedding, it’s been such a joy watching her experience all of these big life events. I can’t wait to see what the year ahead has in store for our sweet girl, we love you so much Emerson Elizabeth!

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