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We are home from the most Magical place on Earth and I can’t wait to share all of the details with you! I thought it would be best to jump right in, sharing every single detail from our first day at Magic Kingdom. I’ll be sure to share more about our accommodations and travel soon too, but I know this is the most requested post right now, so I wanted to share it with you right away!

A few things you should know before reading, we were traveling with SIX kids under the age of 5, yep you read that right. There were six adults as well, so we were all able to have at least one little buddy with us at all times. As you know, we have three little ladies and my brother has three little men, which means this itinerary is great for boys AND girls! Honestly, everything at Magic Kingdom is so magical, the kids loved it all. We were also visiting in May and lucky for us Florida was experiencing a heat wave, it hadn’t rain in twelve days when we were visiting, needless to say, it was HOT!

Now for the fun stuff… come along with us on what was one of the BEST DAYS EVER! (P.S. You will find a printable itinerary at the end of this post!)

7:00 Breakfast: Contemporary Cafe- Quick Service, we had a lunch reservation for 11:00, so we knew we wanted the kiddos to get a good breakfast in their bellies before we went to Magic Kingdom.

Girl’s Mickey Ice Cream Dresses (Hanna Andersson)

7:45: Transportation: We took the monorail from the Contemporary to Magic Kingdom, there is also a walking path from the Contemporary, however we were trying to stay out of the heat as much as possible! Staying at the Contemporary has BIG perks, like a private security check-point, which means no waiting in the long security lines outside of the Transportation center!

* Tip: Arrive to the park BEFORE it opens! Yes, you can get into the park before it officially opens, you can walk along Main St. pop into some of the store fronts that are already open, grab coffee at Starbucks and make your way to the front of the castle for the “Opening Show.”

8:55: Opening Ceremony (Main Street)- On this particular day, the park opened at 9:00, the show starts at the front of the castle 5-10 min. before “rope drop.” It is such a magical way to start the day, all of your favorite characters and princesses come out of the castle, there is a song and dance before the Fairy Godmother uses her magic to light off fireworks, marking the opening on the park! 

Striped Mickey Tank (Target) / Girl’s Shoes (Nordstrom) / Double Umbrella Stroller (Amazon)

9:00: Rope Drop; Jungle Cruise (Adventureland)- Think about what ride you want to RUN or quickly walk to, this is a great way to jump on an attraction without a fast pass, have in mind which attraction you and your crew want to head to first! We chose to go to Jungle Cruise first, it’s such a cute attraction and was right next to our first Fast Pass of the day, Pirates of the Caribbean. 

Isla’s Shoes (Target

9:30: Aladdin’s Magic Carpets (Adventureland)- This attraction is RIGHT next to Jungle Cruise, had a short wait time, we probably waited 5 minutes. This isn’t a ride worth waiting a long time for, so we were happy to squeeze it in. BONUS, our stroller was already parked right by this ride, so we didn’t have to move it, which also saved time. 

Striped Mickey Tank (Target)

9:45: Fast Pass #1; Pirates of the Caribbean (Adventureland)- Remember, you have an entire hour window to use your Fast Pass, we also heard there is a 15 min. grace period if you for whatever reason don’t make it within the window. Our crew was NOT a fan of this ride, which was so surprising for all of us adults! We thought the kiddos would like it so much, that we had it as a Fast Pass for our second Magic Kingdom day as well, needless to say… we changed that! It is not a big thrill ride, or overly scary, but we noticed our kids (remember, they are all ages 5 and under) did not like rides that had a period of being in the dark, so that initial dip in the pitch black dark was not a fan favorite! 

10:15: Under the Sea- Journey of the Little Mermaid (Fantasyland)- The babies were getting tired at this point, so we loaded the kiddos up in the strollers and took a walk all the way to Journey of the Little Mermaid in Fantasyland. Isla feel asleep on the walk, so the rest of us (minus Scott and Isla) went on this ride and the kids LOVED it, it’s such a fun and colorful ride, I highly recommend for toddlers, both the boys and girls had fun on this one. 

* Tip: RENT a stroller with a large sun canopy and bring a stroller fan with you- you don’t have to worry about your own stroller getting rained on, spilled on, lost, stollen, etc. and the fan is a MUST for the Florida heat! We have this fan (stroller fan).

Stroller Fan (Amazon)

11:00: Be Our Guest Lunch Reservation (Fantasyland)- If you have the dining plan, which we did, this is considered a quick service, but you still need a reservation. You can order your meal ahead of time using the mobile order option on the Disney app, we did not do this and ordered right at the kiosk, which was super easy. We ate in the ballroom section of the restaurant, which is decorated just like the ballroom in Beauty & The Beast. The food was delicious and it felt SO nice to have a break from the heat! 

*Tip: If you are traveling to Disney in HIGH heat months, try to plan a few meals that you know are in A/C! A lot of the quick service options at Magic Kingdom are open air, so plan ahead where you want to eat to get a break from the heat, it really helps recharge everyone!

12:30: Fast Pass #2; Peter Pan’s Flight (Fantasyland)- For this attraction you must have a Fast Pass for it, unless you want to wait an hour+ in line! This was one of our favorite attractions from our September visit, in fact Avery claimed it was her very favorite! Definitely a classic, make this a  Fast Pass priority. 

12:45: Mickey’s PhilharMagic (Fantasyland)- This is a GREAT attraction to visit to again, get out of the heat! You wait in the air conditioning and the short movie is adorable, all of our favorite Disney songs are in the movie and the girls loved wearing the 3D glasses. 

1:30: Prince Charming’s Royal Carousel (Fantasyland)- Our kids all wanted to ride the carousel and it typically has a really short wait time, the babies were SO cute on this attraction! I should also mention, the babies were able to go on all of the rides I have mentioned so far, any attraction that does not have a height requirement means the babies could sit on our laps and enjoy the ride too. 

Isla’s Sun Hat (Amazon)

2:00: Bathroom Break / Snack Break- At this point, things were starting to get HOT! We took a bathroom break over at Rapunzel’s tower, found a few shade spots and snacked on some of the snacks we brought with us to the park! 

* Tip: You can bring in your own snacks to the park, we placed one “Shipt” order from Target when we arrived at our hotel, so we packed snacks from that order AND grabbed some extra snacks off of our dining plan at the hotel before heading to the park.

Girl’s Shoes (Nordstrom) / Girl’s Pink Fans (Amazon) /  Double Umbrella Stroller (Amazon)

3:00: Festival of Fantasy Parade- All of our crew LOVES a good parade, so we knew from our mistake last September, watching the parade in the beating sun on Main St., that we wanted to find a shaded spot more towards the front of the parade. We sat right in front of Liberty Tree Tavern and were able to wait in the shade. This was a PERFECT time to grab the best value snack in the park, the Popcorn buckets! For $10 you get a souvenir popcorn bucket that you can refill for $2. We all snacked on popcorn, Isla took her second nap and we enjoyed watching the parade! It really is such a fun parade, so so entertaining and was one of the kiddos favorite things about the entire day. 

 Double Umbrella Stroller (Amazon)

Mom’s Hat (Amazon)

3:45: Fast Pass #3- Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (Fantasyland)- Time for our most anticipated Fast Pass… Mine Train! After Pirates of the Caribbean, we were all a bit nervous about how the big kids would like this attraction… and they all LOVED it, even Emmy! My Mom was Nana of the year the entire trip and waited with the babies while the rest of us went on the ride. The kids had so much fun and we got some epic photo pass photos from the ride! 

*Tip: The second you scan your last Fast Pass, you can book another one. Typically, I would book the next Fast Pass for our crew while we were in line for the current attraction.

4:00: Barnstormer & Dumbo (Fantasyland)- After Mine Train, the oldest three kiddos felt the need for speed and waited in line for the Barnstormer. Nana hung out with the babies and I took Emmy on Dumbo, which is her favorite ride! Dumbo is also great to escape the heat, there is a little playground in the A/C that the kiddos can play in while you are waiting for your turn to ride. 

5:00: Winnie the Pooh (Fantasyland)- I think this is the biggest “thrill” lap attraction and it has the cutest wait area for kiddos to explore. We did not have a Fast Pass for this attraction and probably waited about 20 min. to ride, which went by quickly!

5:30: Fast Pass #4- It’s a Small World (Fantasyland)- The big kids were HOT after waiting in the Barnstormer line, so we knew we needed to pick an attraction in A/C. Everyone in our group loved It’s a Small World, especially the babies!

6:00: Disney Clothiers/ Plaza Ice Cream Parlor (Main St.)- The kiddos had some souvenir money burning a hole in their pocket, so we thought this was the perfect time to make our way back to Main St. Each kiddo picked out a souvenir and we used some of our snack credits at Plaza Ice Cream Parlor, which is NEVER a bad idea! Get the chocolate chip ice cream sandwich, or the brownie sundae, literally worth every. single. calorie!

Double Umbrella Stroller (Amazon

7:15: Monster’s Inc. Laugh Factory (Tomorrowland)- We all had so much fun at the Laugh Factory, it’s a live stand-up show and the kiddos thought it was hilarious, the A/C is an added bonus!

7:45: Fast Pass #5- Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin (Tomorrowland)- We scored our fifth and final Fast Pass of the day for Buzz. 

8:30: Starlight Cafe (Quick Service- Tomorrowland)- We decided the kiddos MIGHT need a little more then ice cream in their bellies for dinner… so we grabbed french fries and chicken tenders at Starlight Cafe before heading to the BEST firework spot. 

9:00: Happily Ever After Fireworks- Ok, the BEST BEST tip I have to offer you in this entire blog post… watch the fireworks right outside the Plaza restaurant (on the east side). Get their early and stake out a spot right on the side of the restaurant, you can see the castle perfectly, you’re right by a bathroom AND they open up a walkway right behind the restaurant for an EASY exit when the fireworks are done. PLUS, they tape off a walkway right around that little area, meaning no one can stand in front of you to block your view. We have watched the fireworks RIGHT up front of the castle and let me tell you, with little kiddos in strollers, it was NOT worth it! This spot was so perfect, you can still enjoy every single magic minute of the firework show AND Tinkerbell flies right over you, it can’t get more magical then that! 

Phew- so, what do you think? Did our crew dominate Magic Kingdom!? Our kids were seriously amazing- it was a long, hot and I mean HOT day! While we all had our, ahem… moments, I would re-live this exact day 100 times over if I could. Spending a day in the most magical place on Earth, with some of our most favorite people on Earth, was a gift that we will cherish forever.

I’ll be sharing our Hollywood Studios itinerary, as well as our Magic Kingdom day 2 itinerary soon, if you have ANY questions, please don’t hesitate to ask, I would love to share any tips that I can with you to make your trip even more magical!

A printable version of our itinerary can be found via Goggle Docs: HERE

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