Back to School: Two Weeks of Healthy Snack Options



1. Mini- Bento Box: Three compartments make packing a snack easy peasy, plus no zip loc bags to throw away! A spot for a fruit/veggie and a “crunchy” as we like to say at our house!
2. Bumpkin Reusable Snack Bags: We have used these for our little ladies for years, they are dishwasher safe, easy to zip/seal and come in the cutest patterns.
3. Zip-Tuck Reusable Snack Bags: Another great useable bag option, comes in a few different patterns and I do like that you can see whats inside!
4. SnapLock Snack Container: Perfect for packing a veggie with dip, yogurt with granola, etc.
5. HydroFlask Water Bottle: Has a great seal and keep the girl’s water cold, this is the water bottle they will keep on their desk at school, I’ll also put a cute name label on it to add a personalized touch.
6. Safe + Fair granola: With Emmy’s food allergies, we love stocking up on Safe + Fair products, they are all delicious and I love how easy the snack bags are to pack!
7. Dragon Bars: My girls love these organic fruit & grain bars, my girls especially love the strawberry banana flavor!

Two Weeks of Easy Snack Ideas:

Day 1: Apples & Sunbutter
Day 2: Raspberries & Made Good Granola Bar
Day 3: Mini Peppers & Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies
Day 4: Grapes & Organic String Cheese
Day 5: Strawberries & Organic Animal Crackers
Day 6: Carrots & Organic Ranch
Day 7: Yogurt & Safe + Fair Gavin’s Granola
Day 8: Dragon Bar (code SNYDERCO10 for 10% off)
Day 9: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Protein Muffin
Day 10: Organic String Cheese & Pretzel Chips
Day 11: Carrots/Cucumbers & Hummus (Tahini Free Recipe)
Day 12: Strawberries & Safe + Fair Birthday Cake Granola
Day 13: Graham Cracker & Sunbutter
Day 14: Banana & Yogurt Pouch

Coupon Codes: Safe + Fair SNYDER10 for 10% off and free shipping // Dragon Bars SNYDERCO10 for 10% off // 
Stuck on You for 20% off SOYBLOG19 (not valid on value packs)

When it comes to pairing a drink with the girl’s school snack and lunches, 75% of the time I’m sending water. My girls are big water drinkers, it’s great for their immune system and not packing a juice box is an easy way to cut back on a bit of sugar. I’m sure I’ll be sending a juice box or chocolate milk in Avery’s lunch from time to time, three options that are my juice box go-to’s are: ReThink Water, Kirkland Organic Chocolate Milk or Trader Joe’s Organic Lemonade Pouches.

Coupon Code: ReThink Water SNYDERFAM15 for 15% off

We hope your kiddos will enjoy these 14 days of delicious snacks- do you have a go-to snack we left off our list? Share your favorite snack time options in our comments!

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