Photo Journal: Family Photos 2019



I am so excited to share our new family photos with you, taken by Krissy from Bella Nicole Photography. This was our first time working with Krissy and we can not sing her praises enough! Not only was she wonderful with the girls, totally patient with our circus and easy to work with, but is clearly extremely talented! We are so very thankful to have photos like this to remember a time in our life that can often feel like a total blur. Before sharing more of our beautiful photos, I thought I would share a tip or two about taking family photos that I have gathered throughout the years. 

Styling for Photos 
Another HUGE perk of working with Krissy is the amazing styling service that she offers to her clients. After booking our session, I was given access to her free online styling service, where I could select a color scheme and outfit choices. She even sent us a complete style board, which was SO helpful to see all of our outfits together! 
My biggest tip for selecting outfits is to start with your desired color scheme. I always lean towards neutrals, that way our photos compliment our home decor once we get them printed to hang and display. This time around I actually found my dress first, which was a happy accident! Quickly after, I saw that sweet dress for Emmy at Target and our color scheme was created. I knew I wanted varying lengths and textures and loved the tiered maxi dress that I ended up finding Avery. Isla’s sweet little outfit was a last minute Zara purchase and I think the pop of green looks perfect in our photos. Scott’s outfit is always the easiest, a favorite button-up paired with shorts and he was ready for family photos in five minutes. Ahhh, to be a man! We were lucky this time around and shoes weren’t a worry for our beach session, which also made things a little easier. 

Tips & Tricks 

Throughout the past six years, I have a few extra tricks up my sleeve! First of all, make sure the day of your family photos is as chill as possible. The better rested your kiddos can be, the better! Second, make them their favorite dinner that night, a full belly means a happy kiddo, which is what we want. Third, plan something extra fun for after your photo shoot… like a trip to your favorite ice cream store. Some may call this bribing, I call it making memories 😉 Last, try your best to channel our girl Elsa and let. it go! Will things be chaotic, absolutely! Will you or one of your kiddos have a mini meltdown, possibly, but at the end of the day the photos that are captured show exactly what life was like during that season of life, which is exactly what we want! Enjoy capturing the chaos, oh and one more tip, bring FRUIT SNACKS (and all the Mama’s say, Amen). 

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