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Growing up, my Mom always had the BEST ideas for Halloween costumes, which I think calls for extra kuddos, considering it was pre-Pinterest! I remember one Halloween my brother was kind of over dressing-up, but also wanted candy… so my Mom made him a skeleton costume out of a black sweatsuit and white felt! A few weeks ago, my Mom and I were talking about Halloween costumes from when my brother and I were little and she reminded me of that one. Right away, I knew I had to recreate it for my girls. 

Typically, the girls get to dress us for a TON of their activities, plus we dress up on Halloween of course. I think this would be the best costume for kiddos to wear to school. It’s comfy, not complicated, but still fun and festive. Inspired by House of Fete’s RainBOO Halloween theme, I decided to make her rib cage rainbow and of course had to pick a PINK sweatsuit, Avery’s favorite color. There are a few different tutorials on Pinterest that include a skeleton pattern, like this one and this one, I actually used a mix of a few patterns and had to sketch it a bit larger to fit Avery’s size sweatsuit. Overall- it was a super easy DIY and now I can say I “handmade” one of my girls Halloween costumes, which is definitely on my “Mommy Bucket List.” 

Sweatsuit: Sweatshirt & Sweatpants
Rainbow Felt: I purchased four sheets of white and two of each rainbow color at Michaels 
1: Using a skeleton pattern, like this one from Etsy– print and cut out bones, I suggest printing on card stock, so you can tuck the pattern away and reuse again! 
2: Trace bones on various colors of felt, using sharp crafting scissors, carefully cut out. 
3: Using fabric glue, glue felt to sweatsuit, please note* allow time for the glue to dry, I let mine dry over night! Your felt will wiggle around and seem like it is NOT adhering to the fabric at first, but that’s just because it needs time to dry.
4: Have your favorite little one model your handmade costume, trick or treat and ENJOY the memories! 

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