Making Memories: Pumpkin Painting 2020



Every year our family looks forward to Halloween, mainly because it feels like the kick-start to the holiday season and if you’re new around here, we LOVE celebrating all the holidays! Closer to Halloween we are planning on carving one big family pumpkin, but we couldn’t help and grab some paper pumpkins to decorate in the meantime. 
Mama was feeling a bit crazy and decided to throw some Fall themed sparkles into my Target pick-up order and honestly, the look on the little ladies faces was totally worth the spur of the moment glitter decision. Sometimes it’s just fun to say YES! 

What I love most about this activity is that we get to keep these sparkly pumpkins from year to year and remember all the fun we had while painting them. Even little Isla was proud of her pumpkin creation! I meant to snap a photo, but I even had the girls write their name and date on the bottom of their pumpkins, their kiddo handwriting is just my favorite and makes me smile. 
The cherry on top of our pumpkins were the girls chalkboard name tags mixed with some yarn and ribbon… because you know glitter wasn’t extra enough for us. We hope these pretty little pumpkins inspires you to paint a few of your own too, happy Fall friends!
* Crafty Mama Tip: CRAFT paper is your friend- you can buy a large roll at Home Depot- I always roll out paper while the girls paint & create. When they finish, we roll up the paper and throw it away, which makes for the fastest and easiest clean-up ever!


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