Organizing 101: Organizing Hair Bows + DIY Detangler Recipe



As a Mom to three girls, it’s safe to say I basically run my own in home hair salon. Getting all FOUR of us girls ready for the day can feel like a part time job, but I do have one little tip up my sleeve that has kept us organized and MUCH more efficient when getting out the door in the morning. 

Let me introduce you to what we lovingly refer to as “the hair bin” and now that I’m typing that… it sounds a bit creepy, ha! But, it’s really just a pretty latchmate bin from Michaels that we throw all of our morning routine items in! Let’s take a look at the top layer, it’s where we keep our: elastic hair ties, hair brush, essential oil immunity roller, nail clippers, glitter hair clips & a few smaller seasonal hair bows and clips. I change out our hair clips, bows and headbands each month, holiday or season. Again, as a Mom to three girls it’s safe to say our “hair accessory” collection is quite impressive! Switching things out seasonally helps us actually enjoy all the cute little festive hair bows and the girls LOVE when I through in some new hair flair.
In the bottom layer of our bin you’ll find all of our large hair accessories- like headbands, larger bows and scrunchies. We LOVE these knotted headbands from Getz Made Co., she always has the prettiest fabrics and they do NOT hurt the girls head. The girls also love them some animal ear headbands, with Easter around the corner, I threw in a sparkly bunny ear headband, but we often have kitty or unicorn ears in there too. If you can’t embrace some magical ear headbands, are you even living!? 
Read down a bit further and I’m going to share TWO of my favorite essential oil DIY’s including: DIY Tangler and our MUST have immunity roller!
Everything fits in JUST right- I can easily grab this bin in the morning and have everything I need to get the girls out the door. After I comb and style their hair, I always check their nails & give them a quick roll of our immunity roller. It keeps things running smoothly and I’m not constantly getting up for one of the 100 items we need to get ready in the morning, leaving me an extra minute or two to sip on my coffee! 
Immunity Roller Recipe 
we roll this on the bottom of the girl’s feet and down their spines in the morning and before bedtime 

5 drops Thieves Essential Oil
5 drops Lemon Essential Oil 
3 drops Frankincense Essential Oil 
Drop into a glass roller bottle, I love this colorful set from Root & Petal, top with a carrier oil, this is my favorite fractionated coconut oil & you’re all set! Roll on your kiddos and yourself while you’re at it to support your immune systems. You can watch me mix this up over on my wellness account, Snyder Co. Essentials. 

DIY Hair Detangler 
we FLY through detangler at our house & I make a BIG effort to use as many non-toxic products on the little ladies, mixing up my own non-toxic detangler saves major money

2 tbsp. Lavender Conditioner 
3 drops Lavender Essential Oil 
3 drops Cedarwood Essential Oil 
2 drops Tea Tree Oil 
Combine all ingredients in a spray bottle, like this one from Amazon– top with water and give a good swirl! I use this on all of the girl’s hair and I have to say it makes Isla’s curls EXTRA bouncy, we just love it! 
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