Back to School: Breakfast for Dinner 2022



Our favorite way to celebrate a new school year is our annual “Back to School Brinner” aka breakfast for dinner! It’s such a fun way to have a special pre-first day breakfast, without the hustle and bustle that comes with the actual first day. Not to mention, the girl’s bus arrives at 7:35 am this school year, which means there was no way we could squeeze in a breakfast with all the bells and whistles, first day photos, etc. before making the bus.

I always set the table with fun back-to-school decor, keeping it simple but festive! We talk about all the things we are looking forward to in the new school year and make sure to chat through anything that might be making us feel nervous. It makes for such a great, calm way to prep for an exciting morning!

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On the menu this year: mini waffles, sausage & bacon, fruit, greek yogurt + our s’mores mix! I also added the cutest glass milk crates to our table decor and the girls LOVED them, filled with chocolate milk or OJ.

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I also love to treat my little bookworms to a new bedtime read- this year we gift Emmy the last Mercy Watson book she needed to complete the series, School is Cool for Isla, and Ivy & Bean for Avery.

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