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Holiday & birthday season is upon us at the Snyder house and with our girls having December, January & February birthdays, I feel like I’m somewhat of an expert at holiday time gifting!

The girls are each getting a similar combination of gifts this year, I highlighted my personal favorites from their holiday wish list below.

I have always loosely followed the something you: want, need, wear & to read, with a few extras thrown in. There are definitely some items on the list that Santa won’t be able to follow through with this year, including a real life bunny and trip to Paris, but I think the girls will be very happy with Santa’s gifting this year!

Princess in Black: We absolutely love this series, it’s about the adventures of a princess who is secretly a super hero!

American Girl Doll: We have a koala obsessed little lady over here & she will be getting Kira this year, always love gifting a doll because family can gift her outfits & accessories!

Caboodle: My girls have the small Caboodles & use them to store all sorts of treasures. Santa will be gifting this larger version filled with all sorts of goodies, press-on nails, nail polish, lip gloss, etc.

Squishmallow: If you know me, you know I have a love-hate relationship with stuffed animals, but even I have to admit, Squishmallows are pretty adorable and the girls love using them as a pillow during movie nights.

Cowgirl boots: Santa always gifts the girls a “something to wear” item, rain boots, fuzzy boots, new jackets, etc. This year he is bringing Emmy these adorable cowgirl boots.

Skateboard: These light-up wheel skateboards got great reviews on Amazon & Santa brought roller skates + all the wrist and knee pads last year, so we thought this would be a fun addition.

What is Santa putting under the tree for your little this year!?

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