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 I may be in the minority, but I am all for New Year’s resolutions, goals, intentions, words of the year and the general idea of a fresh start with a new year! Meal planning is always on our goal list over here and I will say Scott really took over cooking dinner the past few months and I am NOT mad about it, he’s actually a really good cook. I think combining two of my own 2021 goals, meal planning & being more intentional about the time spent with my hubby, cooking together is something we are both looking forward to! 

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Wire Basket (similar) // Valentine’s Day Mug (similar) // Super Simple Cookbook 
Here are some of my favorite cookbooks and a few new ones I have heading our way too. Cookbooks also make for the prettiest (and functional) kitchen decor, I started displaying my favorite cookbooks in the hopes that the more I see them, the more likely they will inspire me to actually COOK! 
Baking: Whenever I’m in the mood to bake, I typically reach for either Magnolia Table & Magnolia Table vol. 2, if you have not baked Joanna’s “After- School Banana Bread” (pg.69) yet, you are seriously missing out! 
Homebaked is a cookbook that I got for Christmas, which side note- I LOVE reading cookbooks and this one in particular looks beautiful sitting on an exposed shelf or tucked away in a basket on your kitchen counter. I am really exited to dive into the pound cake section of this book, I’m looking at you “Super-Light Lemon Poppy Seed Cake” (pg.169). 
Dinner: Hands down, my favorite and most used cookbook of 2020 was Tieghan Gerard, Half Baked Harvest. My parents got me her second book, Super Simple for Christmas last year and we have dug into that one quite a bit too. Let’s just say the “Sun-Dried Tomato Turkey Meatball Bake” (pg. 196) does NOT disappoint! 
Healthy, Yet Delicious: One of my best girlfriends introduced me to Danielle Walker a LONG time ago and I have enjoyed following her and cooking from her cookbooks ever since. If you are new to Danielle, I suggest starting with her Meals Made Simple book and immediately turn to pg. 166 to make her Pepperoni Pizza Pasta, it’s a family favorite! 
New Year, New Books: Two cookbooks that I’m adding to my collection this year are- Sheet Pan Magic and Modern Comfort Food. I have been pinning sheet pan meals for years and have yet to actually make one, I spotted this book at Crate & Barrel and I’m hoping it’s the inspiration I need to start testing a few simple sheet pan meals. 
I also feel like I can’t have a cookbook collection without a book written by Ina Garten and shockingly, this is my first one! I spotted it on all of my favorite cooking sites and figured it was a great one to start with, as we are big fans of comfort food. I’m looking forward to cooking out of both of these new books and will make sure to share my favorite recipes over on Instagram and will definitely be sharing some monthly recipe round-ups over here!
Wire Basket (similar) // Meal Planning Pad (similar

Hopefully this post gives you a little meal planning inspiration, I’m really excited to start diving into cooking more with Scott, now that the little ladies are getting older, cooking new recipes actually seems somewhat manageable! I also highly suggest keeping your cookbooks out in plain sight, the more you see them, the more likely you are to feel inspired to grab one and start cooking! Do you have a go to cookbook? I would love to hear what one you always reach for! 
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