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Bunny ears… but make them EXTRA! Some of my girlfriends and I over on Instagram shared a handful of easy bunny ear DIY’s to add a little extra flair to the most popular Easter photo prop & I figured it might be helpful to see how simple my fringe bunny ears were to make! 
First up, gather your supplies: 
Marker for Tracing 
Step 1: I used a piece of white felt as my base for my rainbow fringe felt- I did a rough tracing of my bunny ear on thick white felt & cut it out with the BEST craft scissors ever
Step 2: Repeat this process on each of your pieces of colored felt!
Step 3: Now comes the fun part- cutting your fringe! I wasn’t exact with my fringe, I just eyeballed it to all be about the same length. After I had all of my fringe cut, I did cut off the extra felt above the fringe, this way it won’t get super thick, making your ears weigh a bit too much!

Step 4: Starting from the bottom, I added a line of hot glue above the fringe and stuck it down to my base, the white ear I traced at the very beginning! 

Step 5: After gluing all of your fringe down, flip your white ear over & generously apply hot glue, especially to the edges and apply to your bunny ears!
Ta-da, all done! Just a little tracing, cutting & gluing and you have the cutest pair of bunny ears to use as an Easter photo prop or even decor! 

For more step-to-step instructions, you can check out my Reel, HERE!
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